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EGS Earthquake Maps

Obtaining Induced Seismicity Data for EGS

The type of data available through this site are event catalogs (which include location, magnitude, depth and date). After reviewing the EGS Earthquake Maps to determine which specific event data you would like to select, go to the Induced Seismicity Data Catalog webpage here and enter the options.

Waveform and meta data are not available in real time; however they can be requested by emailing us at

Continuous data are available for all sites, except for Newberry Caldera. Contact us at


If any of the data is used in a publication, please acknowledge by including the following statement:

"Waveform data, metadata, or data products for this study were accessed through the Induced Seismicity Data Website at the Lawrence Berkeley National laboratory which is supported by the U.S. DOE Office of Geothermal Technology."

General EGS Information

EGS 720 from LBNL Earth Sciences Division on Vimeo.


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